Responsibilities and duties

Responsibilities and duties

The shipper must:

  • Classify and declare (dangerous goods declaration) the goods in compliance with the IMDG Code
  • Package the goods in compliance with the IMDG Code
  • Label the items/packages with the proper shipping name, UN number, hazard labels and, when appropriate, a marine pollutant label.
  • Certify that the goods are correctly packaged and labelled and that the goods are suitable for transportation by sea
  • Ensure that incompatible goods are not stowed in the same transport unit
  • Issue a stowage certificate when stowing in a container or hold

The shipper must also ensure that the packaging:

  • is sturdily made and is in good condition
  • is designed so any internal surfaces the contents may come into contact with, are not dangerously affected by the substance being transported
  • is able to withstand the normal risks that are involved in handling and in transportation by sea
  • as a minimum, is in compliance with the stipulations of the IMDG code

The carrier must:

  • Ensure that the crew has received the necessary training
  • Undertake separation of goods in compliance with the IMDG code
  • Prepare a list of the dangerous goods on board and their location on the ship
  • Ensure that the necessary emergency equipment is on board

If you have any questions regarding transport of dangerous goods you are welcome to contact the operations department, telephone +299 34 91 17 or



Dangerous goods declarations

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