Oil and currency surcharges


Oil and currency surcharges (BAF/CAF) are charged separately to adjust for additional costs due to fluctuations in oil prices and/or exchange rates (USD).

The calculation of the BAF-CAF rate shall be made on the basis of:

-          Bunker price trend

-          Exchange rate trend

-          Balance for subsequent calculation

On the invoice, the oil and currency surcharge (BAF-CAF) to the customer is calculated as a percentage (BAF-CAF rate) of the sum of:

-          Ocean freight (NTFR)

-          Handling at the port of dispatch (THCL)

-          Handling at the port of arrival (THCD)

The applicable oil and currency surcharge (BAF-CAF) rate is currently 23.25%.

The oil and currency surcharge is adjusted in the event of significant fluctuations and is updated on this page.

For more information, contact customer service on +299 70 15 01 or kundeservice@ral.gl.