Labelling and documentation

Dangerous goods must be packaged and labelled so there is no doubt about the contents

General guidelines
Dangerous goods must be labelled in compliance with the relevant legislation. This means that it is necessary to:

  • Remove old numbers, labels and hazard signs to avoid confusion about which labels, numbers and signs refer to the contents of the packaging
  • Dry the surface before labelling for better adhesion of colours and labels and to ensure the legibility of any handwriting
  • Write the declaration number or attach the declaration label from the relevant declaration. Pre-printed labels can be ordered from Royal Arctic Line

A Dangerous Goods Declaration must be completed in connection with the shipping of all dangerous goods.

The Dangerous Goods Declaration is a declaration from the shipper stating that the dangerous goods to be shipped are in fact the goods, that have been delivered to the carrier and that the goods are correctly packaged and labelled. The declaration must be filled in correctly and contain all the necessary information about the dangerous goods being shipped. Goods that are submitted without the completed declarations will be refused.

Containers with dangerous goods must be labelled with the precise technical name (trade names may not be used) and identified with a distinct label or plate clearly indicating its dangerous nature. With the exception of containers that contain limited quantities, and larger consignments that can be stowed, transported and indentified as one unit, all containers must be labelled in this manner.

Labelling of containers must be made on the container’s four horizontal sides (front, back and both long sides).


Packages must be labelled on both sides (front and back).


It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that everything has been prepared and correctly handled. Royal Arctic Line cannot therefore provide assistance with regard to the technical information.

If you have other queries about the transportation of dangerous goods, you are welcome to contact the operations department, telephone +299 34 91 17 or



Dangerous goods declarations

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