Dead freight


On January 1st 2016, Royal Arctic Line implemented dead freight, to optimize the freight capacity of our ships and thus ensure availability of freight capacity for as many clients as possible.  

Unfortunately, our clients sometimes experience that they cannot send their cargo with our ships because our cargo capacity is fully booked. Sometimes, customers book more space for their cargo than they really need, so we see fully booked ships departing, even though they have space for more cargo. 

To alleviate the problem, Royal Arctic Line started to charge for dead freight starting on January 1st 2016. We charge dead freight on cargo which is booked, but not delivered. 

The rate charged for dead freight is 50 per cent of the invoice amount on delivered cargo. 

We charge dead freight for all types of cargo. 

  • For FCL shipments, the booking must be correct by 5 calendar days before the vessel departs at the latest. Dead weight is charged on all booked containers which have not been received or cancelled 5 calendar days before departure 
  • For LCL shipments, the booking must be correct at least 8 calendar days before departure. We charge dead weight for discrepancies which are larger than 10 cubic metres, when booked cargo is not delivered by the deadline for delivery  or when it is cancelled or changed later than 8 calendar days prior to departure
  • We may also charge for dead weight for other cargo and container types, when adjustments are made later than 8 days before departure
  • Amendment: As of July 1st 2016, FCL containers without information concerning weight or other documentation – dangerous goods declarations, customs papers etc. will be rejected. A dead freight charge is made for FCL containers that are rejected within the deadline for dead freight.
    For further information about correct weight declarations see: 

We will evaluate the above as and when booking circumstances change. Please therefore be aware of applicable dead weight charges. 

The requirements stated above are Version 2, which was updated on June 10th 2016.