Royal Arctic Line charges, on behalf of Sikiki, a “user fee of goods”, which is a way of taxing in goods, well known from the rest of the world.

The fee applies to all kinds of cargo that are sailing with Royal Arctic line or other ships, that is either loading or unloading in Nuuk. Furthermore, it includes cargo transitioning from one ship to another in Nuuk, including Atlantic- feeder- and settlement ships.

The fee is shown as “Sikuki fee FCL” and “Sikuki fee LCL” on Royal Arctic Line’s invoices. The fees are calculated as:


(entire containers)

56,00 DKK per TEU*


(general cargo and oversize) 

16,00 DKK per ton**


(larger loose cargo)

16,00 DKK per ton

What concern transitioning cargo coming through Nuuk, is a “user fee” paid. That means, to be unloaded from one ship, and again, to be loaded to another ship.

* TEU: 56,00 DKK for a 20 foot container, 112,00 DKK for a 40 foot container.
A 20 feet container that is for instance shipped from Aalborg to Maniitsoq needs re-loading in Nuuk and will be charged 56 DKK. The fee relies from an unload of the Atlantic ship, to be loaded again on the feedership. That is a total of 112 DKK.

Same custom applies for LCL, in accordance to the weight rate.

**16,00 DKK per ton are calculated, rounded up to the closest complete ton. That is, for instance 16 DKK for LCL cargo with 500 kilo, and 32,00 DKK for LCL cargo that contains 1.200 kilo.

In case of questions, please contact Royal Arctic Lines customer service on the phone +299 70 15 00 or