Our fleet

Specially designed and flexible solutions

Royal Arctic Line’s fleet is designed for the Arctic and conditions that prevail the Greenlandic market. The fleet consists of ten ships, each of which has been specially designed for its purpose.

The company’s biggest ocean-going vessels and feeder ships are the highest Baltic ice classification specially-built with double hulls and high freeboard, in order to sail on Arctic waters. The ships are fitted with cranes supplemented with the shipping company’s barges. The entire fleet is able to operate, just about everywhere in Greenland, regardless of berthing conditions.

Tukuma Arctica     Malik Arctica      
Irena Arctica   Nanoq    
Settlement ships        

Ivalo Arctica

  Minik Arctica   Maleraq Actica
siuana-actica-with-text.jpg   Arpaarti Arctica    Tilioq Arctica