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28 Feb 2021 10:00

Imformation for our customers

Indirect sailing between Greenland and the USA, Canada, England, the Faroe Islands, the Netherlands and Norway ceases on paper. This means that Royal Arctic Line no longer undertakes transport in cooperation with Eimskip to or from the abovementioned countries.
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24 Feb 2021 11:00

“Bruarfoss” voyage BRU105

UPDATE. M/V “Bruarfoss” voyage BRU105 (red line) will be delayed, and estimated time of Nuuk arrival is Friday February 26th at 18:00 hrs
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18 Feb 2021 13:00

Malik Arctica voyage 2050 (red line)

Due to bad weather Malik Arctica voyage 2050 (red line) will be delayed
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15 Feb 2021 09:17

Continued delay on Nanoq Arctica’s voyage 103 (Light green line)

Since the spare parts did not arrive on time, Nanoq Arctica’s present voyage 102 will be further delayed (Light green line).
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10 Feb 2021 16:01

Malik Arctica voyage 2050 (red line)

The departure from Nuuk on 20th February with Dettifoss voyage DET107 (red line) is cancelled.
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10 Feb 2021 10:07

Nanoq Arctica 102 (light green line)

There are technical issues on Nanoq Arctica that are causing a delay in its ongoing schedule, light green line.
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