10.03.21 11:00

Malik Arctica voyage 107


Due to large quantities of goods for Qaqortoq, calls will now be made at Qaqortoq and Nanortalik by Malik Arctica southbound on voyage 107 (dark green line).

Subsequently, Malik Arctica will also call in at Nanortalik, where the ship will unload a cargo of salt for the factory and load goods for export to Aalborg. 

The rotation for Malik Arctica voyage 107 (dark green line) will be as follows:

13 March

Departure Nuuk

21:00 hrs

14 March

Arrival Maniitsoq

07:00 hrs

14 March

Arrival Sisimiut

21:00 hrs

15 March

Arrival Hudson

22:00 hrs

16 March

Arrival Nuuk

16:00 hrs

17 March

Arrival Qaqortoq

21:00 hrs

18 March

Arrival Nanortalik

07:00 hrs

24 March

Arrival Aalborg

07:00 hrs

The above is subject to change.