25.11.20 10:00

Tukuma Arctica’s revised plan


Following the Tukuma Arctica incident in Torshavn, changes have been made to the ship's itinerary.

Tukuma Arctica TUK046 (red line), will sail for Aarhus, arriving on Wednesday 25 November at 04:00.

The vessel 046 (red line), will then sail on to Aalborg to unload and load cargo, arriving on Wednesday 25 November at 19:00, local time.

Tukuma Arctica 046 (red line) will not sail to Helsingborg on this voyage. A different vessel will sail to Helsingborg.

After leaving Aalborg, the vessel will continue to Aarhus, with expected arrival on Friday 27 November at 07:00 local time.

When Tukuma Arctica TUK046 (red line) leaves Aarhus on Friday 27 November, she will return her original timetable, sailing to Torshavn, Reykjavik and Nuuk.

Tukuma Arctica's revised plan can be found at www.ral.dk

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