19.11.20 12:32

Master Plan 2021


Please find attached the link timetable for 2021 for the Atlantic vessels (red line),  Feeder ships  (dark and light green line), the East Coastal ship (light blue line) and the Qaanaaq district (yellow line).

For 2021:

  • The voyage numbers are still 3 digits long
  • Tasiilaq is served by Nanoq Arctica, which sails on a regular route between Reykjavik and Tasiilaq and associated settlements. Every two weeks *
    • * On sailings to Ittoqqortoormiit and Nerlerit Inaat, ships call in to Tasiilaq at three-week intervals.
  • Nanoq Arctica will call in at Ittoqqortoormiit and Nerlerit Inaat three times in 2021 via Reykjavik and Tasiilaq.
  • Routes to Tórshavn, Aarhus, Frederikstad and Helsingborg will be opened up. However, it is important to contact Royal Arctic Line in good time to ensure that containers are available.
  • It is still being decided which ship will sail the yellow line, which is why the name of the ship has not yet been added.

Note that there are fewer journeys at the end of the year on the orange line than in the other years, which is due to the ice situation in the last couple of years having closed down earlier than normal.

Find the master plan and the individual sailings here Royal Arctic Line - Downloads

Atlantic and feeder direct link here 2021 Master plan Atlantic and Feeder

Bygder direct link here 2021 Masterplan Bygder