20.11.20 13:32

Irena Arctica sails to Tasiilaq


Nanoq Arctica voyage 044 (Light Blue Line East Greenland) and Irena Arctica voyage 045 (Light Green Line)

Due to large amounts of goods for Tasiilaq, it is unfortunately not possible for Nanoq Arctica to sail the 044 (light blue line, East Greenland) with this cargo.

The remaining cargo will be loaded at Bruarfoss, voyage BRU048 (red line) and unloaded in Nuuk, together with the cargo for Tasiilaq that was already loaded for Bruarfoss, voyage BRU048 (red line)  in Aalborg planned for Nanoq Arctica's voyage 045 (light blue line, East Greenland).

All cargo to Tasiilaq will subsequently be loaded onto Irena Arctica 045, which, after calling at Nanortalik will continue to Tasiilaq with the relevant cargo.

Once Nanoq Arctica has completed its current journey 044 to Tasiilaq and settlements, Nanoq Arctica will then return directly to Nuuk, where it will be deployed on Irenas Arctica's south feeder route as Nanoq Arctica voyage NNQX046.

This means that the sailing to Tasiilaq with the planned Nanoq Arctica voyage 045 will instead be carried out by Irena Arctica, voyage 045.

Sailing timetable for Irena and Nanoq Arctica can be found at: Irena Arctica & Nanoq Arctica