20.11.20 14:42

Delays due to weather and ice


Further to the email sent out to you earlier this week, we have the following message for:

Vestlandia's voyage 044A, Orange line, was delayed by  1 week late with regard to the timetable, so, in order to maintain the correct date for expected arrivals, we have combined two sailings:  VES043 (043 is delayed by three days), and for this reason, 044 has been cancelled.

The vessel is in Qasigiannguit and will load cargo to all settlements near Upernavik, except Kullorsuaq. The timetable for Vestlandia can be found on the link here: Vestlandia

Minik Arctica, Light green line is currently berthed in Qasigiannguit and loading goods for Kullorsuaq. The ship has been delayed due to large cargo volumes and bad weather. The timetable for Minik Arctica can be found on the link here: Minik Arctica

Pajuttaat, Dark blue unloading in Qaarsut now and will be delayed by six days due to large freight volumes, icebergs and bad weather at the settlements in Uummannaq. The timetable for Pajuttaat can be found on the link here: Pajuttaat