28.12.20 13:00

Mary Arctica voyage 049


The departure of Mary Arctica voyage 049 (dark green line) from Nuuk is delayed for two days.

Mary Arctica has assisted Nanoq Arctica voyage NNQX047 to Kullorsuaq and Nuussuaq in bringing the last winter supplies out to the villages.

The waters off Nuussuaq and Kullorsuaq were frozen solid which meant that the Nanoq Arctica had to break the ice to get to the villages. Mary Arctica stood standby, ready to assist if necessary.

The schedule for Mary Arctica voyage 049 (dark green line) is presently as follows:

30 December

Departure Nuuk

02:00 hrs

30 December

Arrival Sisimiut

16:00 hrs

31 December

Arrival Aasiaat

07:00 hrs

02 January

Arrival Ilulissat

10:30 hrs

02 January

Arrival Qasigiannguit

19:00 hrs

03 January

Arrival Sisimiut

13:00 hrs

04 January

Arrival Nuuk

10:00 hrs

11 January

Arrival Aalborg

07:00 hrs

The above may be subject to change