14.12.17 14:00

Malik Arctica voyage 1750


Dear customer

In order to get Malik Arctica voyage 1750 back in the timetable as well as to reaching the New Year’s goods to their destinations before New Year’s Eve, there will be some few changes on the timetable of Malik Arctica voyage 1750 and Irena Arctica voyage 1750. 

The change of Malik Arctica voyage 1750 will look as the following:

December 19th Departure Aalborg 16.00 hrs
December 25th Arrival Nanortalik 09.00 hrs
December 25th Arrival Qaqortoq 19:00 hrs
December 26th Arrival Narsaq 01:00 hrs
December 26th Arrival Paamiut 18.30 hrs
December 27th Arrival Nuuk 09:00 hrs
December 28th Arrival Sisimiut 17:00 hrs
January 4th Arrival Aalborg 07:00 hrs*

*Malik Arctica voyage 1801 will be departing as planned January 5th2018

The change of Irena Arctica voyage 1750 will look as the following:

December 28th Departure Nuuk  15:00 hrs
December 28th Arrival Maniitsoq  22:00 hrs
December 29th Arrival Aasiaat  18:00 hrs
December 30th Arrival Ilulissat  12:00 hrs
December 30th Arrival Qasigiannguit  18:00 hrs
December31th Arrival Nuuk  18:00 hrs