A good application

Tips for a good application

Regardless of whether you apply unsolicited, for a job or a training position, it is important that your job application gives us an impression of you as a person. You should therefore, provide a wide-ranging description of both your professional and your personal competences, in relation to the job.

We expect your application to include the following:

Make it clear why you are applying for exactly this job in question, and why we should chose you. You could, for instance, elaborate on previous jobs or training, where you have acquired relevant experience. You could also  emphasise on yout personal competences, that make you suitable for the position. We recommend you to write a short, precise application of maximum one page.

Remember to include your CV, which gives us an overview of your background, both personal and career.

Examination certificates, letters of recommendation etc.
If you are applying for a maritime position, we require as a minimum, that you send your Seafarers’ Certificate and your Health Certificate. Should you have other relevant certificates, please list them in your CV too.

If you are applying for maritime training, please enclose your most recent examination certificate.

If you are applying for land-based training, please enclose your most recent examination certificate, with a letter of acceptance from a relevant school.

If you are applying for other positions (an advertised job or an unsolicited application), we do not need various documents, but we may ask later, if we find it relevant.