Harbor services


The 13 biggest greenlandic harbors assembled in Royal Arctic harbor service, offer a row of services. Not only during the shipping trade, but also in companies, institutions, authorities and private.

We offer guidance, if you are moving to another city. We also operate as a mediator to a moving company, both in Greenland and Denmark. 

We offer a crew and mobile materials to any assignment, including electricity, dieseltrucks, containerramp, loader and trucks, in order to handle containers. We offer unloading af trawlers, packing and emptying of containers. We deliver water and electricity to ships, install renevation containers at the ship and help with hawser handling. We also inform about weather and icesituations at our offices.

The customer determines the kind of service, that need delivery. We have fixed prices per hour on both crew and material. Furthermore, we offer a prior estimation, in order to know the total of expenses.

You can always contact your harbor for advices: we try to help with solutions, that save you any complications and in monetary terms.