09.01.17 15:00

Unscheduled call at Uummannaq accomplished


Ivalo Arctica succeeded in making an unscheduled call Uuummannaq bringing the cargo that was not delivered before Christmas due to the ice situation.
The hold also carried cargo for Saattut, which was unloaded in Uummannaq, so it can be collected later, when the ice conditions permit.

Conditions still look as though another call will be possible, so Ivalo Arctica has set sail from Aasiaat with the remaining cargo destined for Saattut, Niaqornat and Qaarsut. 

Should you have any queries, please contact Royal Arctic Line Customer Services in Greenland at kundeservice@ral.gl +299 70 15 00 or in Denmark at bookingaalborg@ral.dk +45 99 30 30 99