22.08.17 11:00

Mary Arctica voyage 1732


Due to strong winds in the area of Nanortalik, the Atlantic ship Mary Arctica 1732 cannot call in to port when coming from north, in the coming days.

Mary Arctica will continue its voyage to Nuuk and will subsequently call in to port in Nanortalik, for south going.

The voyage of Mary Arctica will then look as the following:

August 22nd

Arrival Nuuk

18:00 hrs

August 24th    

Arrival Paamiut

11:00 hrs

August 25th

Arrival Narsaq

06:00 hrs

August 25th

Arrival Qaqortoq

10:00 hrs

August 25th

Arrival Nanortalik

19:00 hrs

August 31st

Arrival Aalborg

18:00 hrs

The above may be subject to change.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Royal Arctic Line customer services in Greenland at kundeservice@ral.gl +299 70 15 00 or in Denmark at bookingaalborg@ral.dk +45 99 30 30 99.