22.11.16 13:50

Changes in schedules


In order to relieve pressure on Vestlandia and Pajuttaat, a call at Qeqertarsuaq has been inserted into Arina Arctica’s present voyage 1645.

In Aasiaat, Arina Arctica will load cargo destined for Qeqertarsuaq as well as all the cargo for the rest of Greenland that was to have been loaded on Nuka Arctica voyage 1646.

The reason for this is that Nuka Arctica voyage 1646 had not called at Nuuk again on its southbound journey.

In Qeqertarsuaq Arina Arctica will load only a 20 foot water container.

Arina Arctica will then continue to Sisimiut, where it will load the cargo for the rest of Greenland that Nuka Arctica voyage 1646 should have unloaded in Nuuk on its southbound voyage.

There will be delays on Arina Arctica’s voyages 1646 and 1647 due to Nuka Arctica’s delays on its present voyage 1646.

The lost time is expected to be made up on Irena Arctica’s voyage 1648, where she will take over Arina Arctic’s calls at Paamiut, Narsaq and Qaqortoq on her southbound journey.

The rotation for Arina Arctica 1645 will be as follows:

22nd November                            Departure Maniitsoq                12.00 hrs.
23rd November                             Arrival Ilulissat                           09.00 hrs.
23rd November                             Arrival Qasigiannguit               17.00 hrs.
24th November                             Arrival Aasiaat                           07.00 hrs.
24th November                             Arrival Qeqertarsuaq               12.00 hrs.
25th November                             Arrival Sisimiut                           07.00 hrs.
25th November                             Arrival Nuuk                                23.00 hrs.

The rotation for Irena Arctica 1648 will be as follows:

30th November                            Departure Aalborg                    16.00 hrs.
7th December                               Arrival Nanortalik                       06.00 hrs.
8th December                               Arrival Nuuk                                10.00 hrs.    
09th December                            Arrival Aasiaat                             19.00 hrs.
10th December                             Arrival Sisimiut                            14.00 hrs.    
11th December                              Arrival Nuuk                                 13.00 hrs.
12th December                             Arrival Paamiut                            14.00 hrs.
13th December                              Arrival Narsaq                            07.00 hrs.            
13th December                             Arrival Qaqortoq                         11.30 hrs.            
20th December                            Arrival Aalborg                            07.00 hrs.            

The rotation for Arina Arctica 1648 will be as follows:

12th December                            Departure Nuuk                          23.00 hrs.           
13th December                            Arrival Maniitsoq                        07.00 hrs.            
14th December                            Arrival Ilulissat                             09.00 hrs.           
14th December                            Arrival Qasigiannguit                 17.00 hrs.            
16th December                            Arrival Nuuk                                 07.00 hrs.           


The above may be subject to change.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions, please contact Royal Arctic Line Customer Service in Greenland at kundeservice@ral.gl +299 701 500 or in Denmark at bookingaalborg@ral.dk +45 99 30 30 99.