19.07.16 08:00

Changes in the settlements servises


Following Angaju Ittuk’s collision with an iceberg necessitating a visit to the shipyard for repairs, a large reefer, Green Frost, has been chartered to replace it. This means that there will be several changes for the other settlement vessels, which will be redeployed to exploit the new vessel capacity as much as possible.

The schedule will be as follows:

Green Frost will make calls in the Upernavik district with associated settlements (orange line). Since the vessel cannot get to the wharf in all the settlements in the district, delays must be expected.

Vestlandia, which sails in the Upernavik district (orange line), will be redeployed to the Uummannaq district (blue line) where Pajuttaat sails. 

Pajuttaat, which sails in the Uummannaq district (blue line), will be redeployed to Disko Bay (grey line A) where Anguteq Ittuk sails.

Anguteq Ittuk, which sails in Disko Bay (grey line A), will be redeployed to South Greenland (brown line) where Angaju Ittuk sailed.

Johanna Kristina which sails in Tasiilaq and associated settlements (white line) is already assisting in South Greenland (brown line) while serving Tasiilaq and associated settlements.

New information will be sent out as soon as the sailing schedules for the above have been updated.

Present sailing schedules with colour designations are available here: /media/482287/bygdeplan.pdf 

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Should you have any queries, please contact Royal Arctic Line’s customer services, phone +299 70 15 01 or email: kundeservice@ral.gl