11.08.16 15:30

Operational changes



Because of Nuka Arctica’s delayed departure from Aalborg, voyage 1631, due to technical problems, the following changes are planned for the schedules to settlements.

  • Voyages  AQQ1631 and AQQ1632 will be delayed one week
  • Voyages PAJ1631 and PAJ1632 have been combined under PAJ1631 with new departure date
  • Voyages VES1631 and VES1632 have been combined under VES1631 with new departure date
  • Voyages FRO1631 and FRO1632 have been combined under FRO1632 with new departure date
  • Voyages AEQ1631, AEQ1632 and AEQ1633 have been retained, but each voyage is delayed

The updated sailing schedule with changes for settlements can be downloaded here.

Aqqaluk Ittuk 1631 [black line]
12th August     Expected departure Nuuk                                  Delayed 7 days

 Aqqaluk Ittuk 1632 [black line]
23rd August     Expected departure Maniitsoq                         Delayed 7 days

Aqqaluk Ittuk 1633 [black line]
27th August     Expected departure Nuuk                                  Delayed 1 day

Pajuttaat 1631 [grey line]
22nd August     Expected departure Aasiaat                             Delayed 7 days

Vestlandia 1631 [blue line]
22nd August Expected departure Aasiaat                                 Delayed 7 days

Green Frost 1632 [orange line]
21st August Expected departure Aasiaat                                   Delayed 8 days

Anguteq Ittuk 1631 [brown line]
22nd August Expected departure Narsaq                                 Delayed 6 days

Anguteq Ittuk 1632 [brown line]
27th August Expected departure Qaqortoq                             Delayed 4 days

Anguteq Ittuk 1633 [brown line]
31st August Expected departure Narsaq                                   Delayed 1 day

The above may be subject to change

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We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any queries, please contact Royal Arctic Line’s customer service in Greenland at kundeservice@ral.gl +299 70 15 00 or in Denmark at bookingaalborg@ral.dk +45 99 30 30 99.